Friday, November 14, 2014

Reflecting on the synthesis essay

First of all, I completely psyched myself out about this paper. I kept putting it off and I finally reached a point where I just felt that it would be completely impossible to get done. And then I actually started working on it, almost instantly I realized that I was making it much harder for myself than it ever needed to be. Having never written a synthesis paper before, I looked at it as this impossible to complete task, where in all reality, it was actually quite easy to accomplish once I sat down at my laptop and began the work. Having the information and research given to us was beyond amazing, the packet that we were given was jam packed with extremely useful articles. This subject is not one I would have ever thought to research and I am really glad that it was chosen for us. As far as my purpose and design plan goes, I think I did a relatively good job of sticking to it because, after all, about 75% of my purpose and design plan was written after I had the majority of my paper done. I almost enjoyed writing a synthesis paper... I enjoy writing in general (it is in my blood after all) and I thought it was really interesting to learn a new writing style. To be taken out of your comfort zone is never SUPER fun, but in the end you always reap some awesome benefits. For example, I learned that I can totally write a decent synthesis paper without making an ass of myself. The only thing I really messed up on was not including Blinder. I have already uploaded my paper... but, i am going to go back and add a section in one of my paragraphs about him... shhhhh!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Purpose Statement & Design Plan for Synthesis

Purpose Statement
Since this paper is supposed to be an argument regarding the changing of the working world of the 21st century, my purpose needs to revolve around using my sources in the best way possible and making sure my argument is as clear and concise as possible. After learning about it, I have realized how difficult a synthesis paper can be, but I have also learned that it can be extremely beneficial to the person writing it and anyone who reads it. So, by using the sources from our packet, mainly Sennett, Judy and D'Amico, Friedman, Peters, and Vitae, I hope to effectively argue that success in the working world of the future will include changes in: ability to adapt, the self, and skills and education.
I think that the information and conclusions I'm drawing from that information would interest someone who is my age or younger. Perhaps even much younger, like high school aged, who is already thinking about their future. To reach this target audience it is most necessary to appeal to logic, proceeded by emotion. Most people when they think about their future either stress out because they have absolutely no idea what to do, or they are completely at ease because they already have a clear picture in their head of what they want to do. I think this paper can appeal to either of these people if I execute it successfully. Most importantly I want to write this paper for someone like me, who has an idea of what they want in their future, but no idea of what to do or how to get there. After reading through this packet and starting to establish an argument, I've learned a lot about how it applies to me and above all I want to possibly help someone else see that there is extremely fruitful information in this packet about the working world of today.
The context that this essay needs to be in is relatively clear, it is about looking to the future of the job world for any young adult who wishes to be a part of it. Anyone can view the paper at anytime since it is up on the blog, but my hope is that young adult hopefuls for the working world take the time to at least skim it because I think it could be helpful.

Design Plan
Ethos: I showed credibility by effectively using our sources that were extremely helpful. Not only by picking and choosing solid quotes, but also by giving enough background on each of the individual authors to show how credible the sources that I chose to use were.
Pathos: I think this subject is easy to make young adults in my target audience care about, because it is so vital to their future if they want a successful career life until they retire. I know I don't want to work a minimum wage job forever and not make any kind of difference, but maybe by making changes and moving forward with what we think of the working world, finding a place to call your own in the work force is entirely possible if not unavoidable.
Logos: Since this is the first ever synthesis paper I have done, I think I did a very good job of incorporating logic into the subject. It is a rather easy subject to have a logical enforcement. If you want work, you need to be prepared for change.
The medium for this is a synthesis argument. It is an academic essay that needs to be between 6-8 pages. (I know if I go into more detail and emphasize certain things that surely I can make it longer, but for the time being I am just so happy that mine is 6 pages.) It is an academic synthesis that I tried very hard to use proper adult language and complex sentences for.
The arrangement for this argument was what I think I found most difficult. It was tough to decide what argument to put where, how much emphasis to put on different subjects and even just figuring out what quotes I wanted to use. I finally decided to go personal, education, and technology as my three main topics that I went into more detail about which related back to my thesis that people have to constantly be prepared for change and changes in the working world.