Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Statement of Purpose and Design Plan for Rhetorical Analysis

Statement of Purpose
Purpose: My motivation for this rhetorical analysis is to continue with the groundwork I laid for myself in the photo essay. I want to stick to an emphasis on the environment which is why I chose to use WWF ads. After reading my paper I hope my audience will have a better understanding of what the ads that WWF is trying to portray and make people think about. Because that is their general purpose: make people think about the important issues concerning our environment. The main situation that makes me want to have this as my subject would just be the state of our planet as it is presently. The best possible outcome of this paper would be people taking more time to consider the impact they have personally and that they can indeed make a difference. Seeing ads like this is not uncommon, they are in magazines, they’re all over the internet on different websites, and there are a plethora of them if you take the time to do a simple Google search. The best thing that could happen with my analysis would be people actually being able to internalize the ads they see so very often. The worse possible outcome would be that people just completely ignore the subject and don’t give it any thought. I have faith that my essay will encourage people to give it thought though and don’t foresee a “worse” outcome. This paper could change the situation because it could make people become more introspective when they see something like a WWF and have a better understanding of what it means and what the purpose of it is.
Audience: As always on a small scale my audience is my peers in class and my professor. But, on a much larger scale I want my audience to be anyone who has had their interest piqued when they saw a WWF ad or an Ad Council ad about the environment. My audience could even be someone who has very little understanding of the environment and wants to learn more and try and comprehend the ads they see about the environment. The age range of the targeted audience would be high school to college and even a little older, the people who can make the most difference in our future society.              
Context: The context, since it is posted on my blog is a little up in the air. Because of the fact that anyone can view at any time of day, or night for that matter. So they context really all depends on when someone comes across my blog and finds it interesting. In the school context it would be reviewed during our class time which is at 2 in the afternoon.

Design Plan
Strategies: Going off of my statement of purpose I will need to make sure that I write in an academic language that still translate to my audience and make it easy for anyone to understand. Keeping the attention of my audience will be key and I think I can achieve that by choosing ads that that age group would find interesting. Formatting and the flow of the essay will be paramount because it’ll keep their attention and keep them focused on the subject at hand.  
Ethos: To effectively employ ethos I will need to show my credibility on the subject. I think that my photo essay was a good start and if I try and keep the same theme going that I’ll be in good standing. Obviously I will need to use more effective academic language and show that I am a credible source.
Pathos: I will have to make sure that I try my best to make the readers care about the subject of an analysis on WWF and Ad Council ads. I think the ads speak for themselves quite a bit so I already have a good foundation laid for where my text needs to take the readers.
Logos: I will have to be logical and have a solid structure as to where my argument goes and have it lead somewhere that the readers can follow. I have to give myself credibility so they can rely on what I’m saying.
Medium: With this being an academic essay, the medium used is pretty clear: Word. It will all be text and include between 4-7 photo ads that I will select with thought and consideration over where exactly I want my paper to take people’s minds.

Arrangement: The arrangement will take some more thought because I still need to set in stone what pictures I will be using for the ads that I am analyzing. The order to which I utilize the pictures is really important because it will determine the flow of the entire paper so that is what I need to focus on most. The actual text of the paper will flow properly if I choose wisely the order of the ads. Arrangement will be key to the effectiveness of my paper and it will also be key in keeping people’s attention and determining where the argument will go.

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