Thursday, October 30, 2014

Writing question 2: My definition of work

Work is something that is hard to define. I work on my homework, I work by doing different tasks at my job, I work on my relationships with friends. Although work can't be defined by one simple action, there is a pattern I realized in all those statements: the work might not be something I want to do, but it is something I have to do in order to achieve certain goals I have set for myself. Whether the work I am doing is something I enjoy or hate, there is an outcome I am seeking to attain from the completion of whatever work I am doing. Work doesn't have to be something you have to force yourself to do, it can be something that you enjoy as much as leisurely activities, but there is something I am hopeful to accomplish by completion of work. Work wouldn't include something I am doing strictly for fun, I can have fun working on something, but watching Netflix isn't work. In my opinion even if I were to get paid to watch Netflix shows I already planned on watching that wouldn't be work. Now, if I were to be paid to watch something I didn't want to watch, maybe then that would be work, but I'm still iffy on that.
My definition of work is reinforces what Ciulla said because you can't simply call one thing working and call it a day, working has many different faces, from the monk meditating to the painter painting. I think I believe that work is something that involves necessity, it is something we have to do in order to accomplish a larger set of goals we have for ourselves. It can be for a job, but it can also just be something that you work on to express yourself or better yourself as a person.

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